Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still in a Mess

Sorry it has been a while.  After I got home from Denver, I decided that I needed to reorganize my craft room.  I pulled everything out and then I had two messy rooms.  Then I rearranged furniture.  Didn't like it.  Put every thing back.  Pulled a bookcase out, bought some shelving.  Moved it around.  Put wool on shelving, took wool of off shelving.  Moved shelving. Put wool back on shelving.  Adjusted shelving.  Hung items on wall.  Took item off of wall and put back where they were.  I am almost done.  I finally realized that I didn't take a before picture.  Bummer.  You will not be able to see how much better it looks after I am done.  I have a bit more to do.  I think that it will be a lot more functional.  When I have finished, I will post pictures.  Hope you all had a great July 4th!