Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dyeing Wool

I decided to dye wool. I dyed almost all of it in my crockpot. I dyed the pumpkin in the pot on the stove. The colors are beautiful. It is hard to say which ones are my favorites. I took some pictures, but I don't think they do the wool justice. Pumpkins, blues, greens, golds, purples, and pinks. I love the marbled look.


  1. Yay Lisa! Welcome to blogland!

  2. Lisa,
    Just got back from Jackson and saw your email. Love the blog, love the wool, I'm excited that you have it going. I'll put it in my favorites. Wish I could have come hooking, it sounds like you had a good time.

  3. I will become a follower as soon as I learn what my password is. Your wool is beautiful. I always love what I buy from you.

  4. Lisa - You are one of the most creative artists that I know. Your wool rugs are absolutely stunning. I love the colors of your dyed wool. I love to see when people are passionate about their craft - and that you certainly are! Cindy

  5. Wow! Gorgeous--and thanks for the link!