Friday, August 6, 2010

Rug Hooking on Tuesday

A group of us went to Logan to rug hook at one of the rug hookers beautiful home. S has a beautiful home with many interesting antiques. I learned what some of the items were used for originally. It was interesting how S uses the beautiful items in decorating and the storing of her wool. What a wool stash S has. We worked on our color planning of new rugs and caught up with each other. It was a beautiful setting in S's backyard. I had a lot of fun and was sorry to leave.

T brought her blue bench and it was beautiful. It would fit perfectly in two of my rooms. So much talent. Also, T had another little bench that I liked. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


  1. Lisa - Isn't Sharon's house totally awesome? I wish she would adopt me and let me come live with her! I was so sad to have missed the meeting - sounds like there was a good sized crowd!

  2. I loved her house and yard. It made me want to have antiques, but I never know what to do with them. Her antiques blended so well with her house. There were quite a few people.